2016 SHW Profit / Loss Statement

Contact SHW President Donna Bettencourt at donnab1045@gmail.com.

The 2016 Club Profit/Loss year end statement that President Donna Bettencourt referenced in her President’s Message in February’s 2017 The Grapevine didn’t make it into the newsletter.  You can view it here:  SHW Profit – Loss January 1 – Dec 3, 2016 (1).

2016’s ending balance is the result of multiple efforts:  executive board leadership along with program and activity coordinators who diligently keep their eyes on”the bottom line”; a hard working and creative fundraising crew; and generous donations and support from members and Club supporters throughout the year.  Thanks to many of you, December’s Holiday Party Silent Auction and Raffle was a success!

SHW appreciates your support in membership and generosity in opening your hearts and wallets.  We’re looking for different ways to generate funds throughout the year, so if you have ideas, we’d like to hear them.

January’s monthly meeting with Randall Grahm was truncated when the Turn Verein’s power went out shortly after he started his presentation.  We were also supposed to auction off an autographed copy of his book “Been Doon So Long” but he forgot to bring it (book’s out of print).   Bob Peak, with The Beverage People, is scheduled to talk to us about oak at the March 15 meeting.  We have a new 10-gallon of something fun to raffle off at the meeting so mark your calendars!