Sacramento Summer Riesling 2014

SHW members, check this out!

“Sacramento is celebrating the Summer of Riesling from August 14th to August 28th. Most of the rest of the World already began celebrating in June, and will continue celebrating sweet and heavy throughout July and August on into the end of Summer. We should be green with envy as we contemplate their head start and the delicious Rieslings they must have drank. Grrrrrrrr!

What we have lost in time, we will make up for in quality (and begin earlier next year!) The last two weeks of August are going to be one big homage to that most delicious of white grapes – Riesling! Sacramento’s finest Chefs, Restaurants and Wine Minds will be showcasing Riesling in all of its glory for your mouth’s monumental enjoyment. Keep in mind – the Summer of Riesling is Delicious – Fun – Educational – Sometimes Toothsomely Sweet (Sometimes Not?) – But it is Decidedly Not Serious – So Come and Enjoy Yourself!”