A Comment to the SHW Website…

A comment at our SHW website comes from web reader Kathy Whitebeck says:

I was hoping to get in touch about the Sacramento Home Winemakers wine links page. I stumbled across it a while ago and have definitely viewed and probably even ordered from some of those supply stores.
I’m a retired teacher and have been dabbling in home winemaking for several years now. You resource guide has been valuable over the years, especially when I was first starting out and learning the ropes. 🙂
Not sure if you’re still keeping the page updated but I thought I’d suggest another resource for your list. I’ve recently ordered some wine labels from iCustomLabel.com, which had great service and selection. It also helped that they’re willing to mock up custom designs free of charge, which I can now use when gifting my wine to friends and family. Figured, it may make a nice addition to the site.

Let me know what you think and thanks again for the resource listing, it’s definitely been a nice reference.

Kathy Whitbeck”

I thanked her for her comment (invited her to join) and added her info on labels to the website at “Member Resources”… “Wine Links”!

So you members might want to look too… sometimes… the answer to your wine questions… are only a click away at www.sachomewine.com or www.sachomewine.org.  Or if it is not there, “Ask a Question” or “Comment to a web page/article?

Like your club meetings, use the SHW website to learn about the club and the wine making process, especial at the basic level. Or read the newsletter, the latest blog, update your daily calendar or make that final purchase of grapes for this season.  And if something needs to be corrected or be added, write me at judypinegar@gmail.com.

OH, OH, but PLEASE don’t write to me or “Comment” to the webpage… if you want to buy someone else’s grapes, or equipment for sale or whatever …write or call the to the SELLER!

Judy Pinegar, SHW Webmaster (and various other things)