April 15 Meeting – Wine Entries and Wine Evaluations

Polish off your best and see how they stack up with statewide, regional and SHW winemakers!

And we’ll make it soooo easy and convenient for you to enter.  At the April 15 SHW meeting, we’ll be accepting wine competition entries for the following home wine contests:

California State Fair – entries are due April 16.  Enter on-line and bring your wine to the meeting.  This year, the State Fair requires only one bottle of wine (vs. two) per entry.  Click here for competition and entry details. Tom and Rebecca Ramme, California State Fair Home Wine Coordinators will be at the meeting to accept your bottles.

Sierra Foothills Home Wine Competition – May 1 is the deadline for entering wines and to reserve your spot for the May 30 BBQ at Andis Winery.  Please see this link for more information on the May 30 BBQ.  Wine entry rules can be found here: 2015 Foothill Wine Club Competition Rules 2015.  Please use this form for your wine entries:  2015 Sierra Foothills Hone Wine Competition Entry Form.  Jerry Roark will be on hand to accept your entries and forms.

Sacramento Home Winemakers Jubilee Wine Competition – wine entries will be accepted starting at SHW’s April 15 meeting.  Last day to enter is May 20.  Check out the details with wine entry form here.  Only one bottle per entry is required.  See SHW Cellar Master Henry Wilkinson at the meeting.

Thanks for clearly marking your entries, completing forms beforehand, and remiting fees as instructed for each competition.  If you’re interested in competing for SHW’s Winemaker of the Year award, the same wine must be entered in the California State Fair,  the SHW Jubilee, and a third wine competition of your choice.

The April 15 meeting is the evaluation of 2014 red Bordeauxs.  Please bring two 750 ml bottles of each wine to be evaluated.  Details in the forthcoming April 2015 The Grapevine.

If you haven’t noticed, the Turn Verein has an elevator located next to the stairs on the ground floor.  It’s slow and cranky, but it works, and this may be the time you’ll want to use it.