Bob’s World of Wine – Portuguese Grapes

Bob Peak, partner with Santa Rosa’s The Beverage People and a guest speaker at SHW’s meetings,  writes “Bob’s World of Wine,” a wine-related blog published on WineMaker magazine’s web site. His latest blog post talks about the small acreage of Portuguese varietals planted in California.

Bob was delighted to discover that SHW members Carol Clark and Sonia Baron pursued their dream and recently purchased a vineyard in Fair Play (El Dorado County) and have named their new reality Bom Vinho! At SHW’s recent Harvest Dinner, Sonia excitedly conversed with Bob about the Portuguese varietals that are growing on Bom Vinho! and also about Shaker Ridge Vineyard’s Portuguese varietals (owners Andy and Elizabeth Standeven are also SHW members).

Bob’s see Portuguese wines maybe as soon as the next harvest!  Check out Bob’s blog.