California State Fair Home Wine Competition Interest

Sacramento Home Winemakers was the home wine making club that originally ran the California State Fair’s home wine making and label competitions, and continued to perform that effort for decades. In 2005, the Club decided to no longer coordinate the competitions and the Fair chose others to run the competitions.

Pooch Pucilowski and Aaron Kidder are two key people, who have recently been involved in putting on the State Fair home wine and label competitions for the past several years. They sent a notification to many home wine makers advising that the State Fair will again not have a home wine competition in 2013. There was also no contest in 2012.

They ask that if you to share your thoughts with the State Fair officials if you agree that the California State Fair home wine competition is important to you. Below is their notification.

“Dear Home Winemaker,


For the second year in a row, the California State Fair has decided not to hold a Home

Winemaking Competition. They did leave the option open to reconsider this for the

future. Experience shows however, that the longer an event is not held the less chance

for its resurrection.


To be fair, there are several reasons that may have influenced their decision:

• a new State Fair Manager

• budgetary constraints

• venue conflicts


Most of these reasons can be addressed but the State Fair may need to hear it from you.

If you agree that this competition is an important, objective competition for validating or

improving your winemaking skills and you would like to see the competition continue —

then please contact the State Fair Management and share your feelings.


Please understand, we are not trying to cause problems or ill feelings. We simply want

them to know how important this competition is to you. Please be kind and respectful,

but do share your thoughts.


Please email your comments to the following:

Rick K. Pickering <>

Tomme Jo Dale

Greg Kinder


Thank you,

G.M. “Pooch” Pucilowski

Aaron Kidder”