Call for Nominations for 2020 Executive Board Positions

The Board of Directors of the Sacramento Home Winemakers is calling for nominations for 2021 Officers and At Large Executive Board members. The following are the open elected officers and At Large Positions:


Vice President


Membership Chair

5 At Large Members

The Board Treasurer is elected for a a 2-year term and the current treasurer will be serving her  second year as Treasurer in 2021.

On the Sacramento Home Winemakers website, go to “About Us” and then chose the “Job Descriptions” sub-tab on the SHW website to learn more about the duties of these positions. 

Please contact Donna Bettencourt, Chair, SHW Board of Directors at by October 2, 2020 if you are interested in being nominated for any of these officer and At Large positions.  Nominations will also be accepted at the October and November Zoom regular meetings.  The elections will be held at our General Membership meeting on November 18th.