Calling For Entries – 2019 Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition

SHW Chief Judge Donna Bettencourt advises that Lodi lab and Amador 360 are drop off locations for this competition.

Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition entries open Friday, April 12th thru Friday, April 26th. Wine must be entered and delivered to a drop spot by Friday, April 26th unless you are delivering your wine to the fairgrounds on Saturday, May 4th from 10 am-noon in building Q. If delivering your wine, it must be entered online by April 26th.

Link to this catalog that shows you the wine categories and any other information you may need.

Here is the link to enter online:

You should enter the “2019 Alameda County Homemade Wine Competition”

The logo that shows says “The Spirit of Summer”.

Please do not enter the Alameda County Wine Competition on Enofileonline.
This is for Commercial wineries only.

As a reminder, when entering your wines it may ask for information you do not have such as a winery name, price of wine, or % of residual sugar. You can put in a 0 for the areas that ask for a number. If you make up a winery name, be sure to remember the exact name so that you can easily sign in next year. If you have entered through Enofileonline before, your winery/brand information will still be there.

Drop Spots are listed on the attached catalog as well.