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Got Pests?

Be proactive this year and don’t let your vineyard get out of control. SHW member Paul Baldwin, who has been farming for a long time, brought to our attention one of the most complete resources on pest management. What pests, you ask? Just about anything that can damage your vines and berries including insects, nematodes,…

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Save The Grapes: Pest Control in the Vineyard

You don’t mind sharing but sometimes hungry nature doesn’t know when to stop. Cellarmasters of Los Angeles’ President Andy Cordadeshi shares some of his home vineyard pest management ideas. Check out his vid on YouTube and also on SHW’s website (click on More Resources tab and choose Home Viticulture).

Videos: Viticulture | Viticulture

Video: Hot July Weather – Watering Your Vines

Hot summer temperatures are forecasted for this coming week. Wondering if  your vines need water? Andy Coradeschi, with the SoCal home winemaking club Cellarmasters of Los Angeles, has posted a video on the Cellarmasters YouTube channel. Follow Andy as he inspects his vines and explains when he’ll be irrigating them again. More home viticulture videos…