Club Group Buys – Are YOU IN??

This year Craig Brown tried to organize Group Buys for many different varietals of wines.  Going together in one of these groups usually gets you a better price, the grapes brought to the Leader’s home or some location in this area (rather than everybody driving to the source), and lots of comrades helping  do the crush (or crush and press for whites) !! Lots of fun!

But although we has some sign ups (see attached Excel Spreadsheet), and some “leaders” sign up, there are some varietals you wont be able to make because 1) There is no Leader or 2)  not enough people have signed up to make (insufficient quantity ordered) as most  growers want at least 1000 pounds for a buy.

This is your last chance to get in: Please download the attached list and review it.  If you want to join into any of varietals being made (how many pounds do you want?) , or would consent to being a “Leader” of a group buy you want, please call Craig Brown at (916) 203-9961.

Please look for your name or add, the groups with Red Leaders are set, where you see Yellow, people are needed to volunteer or the group won’t go through!!

See “Excel” list of Varietals, Pounds and Leaders: group buys

Only if you cant see the list call Judy Pinegar 916-224-6742