For Sale – Used Jacketed Stainless Tanks and New Water Tight Port Hole Doors

Contact David Carter at 510 436-0900 office or

David Carter from Castro Valley wine club is selling some jacketed stainless tanks for wine making.

 Small Tank specs

 316L  S/S, 140 liter, Vessel Vacuum Design  15 PSI,  Double Walled tank

 Other information:

 Serial no 5218, Certified Precision Stainless, Inc., FG Serial no.  7295, built 1994, max working pressure 30 PSIG at max temp 257, min design metal temp -20 F at 30 PSI, Shell thickness .135, Head thickness .250 / .135, Head dish radius 22inches


Max working pressure 150, at max temp  -20 F at 150 PSI, Shell 16 GA  304L SS,  Head 7777 GA 7777 SS


Tall Tank Specs

Mfg. Precision Stainless Inc., 316L S/S, 200 liter, double walled, magnetic stir, Mfg serial, no.  1109-7, year built 1995, max working press  45 PSI at max temp 300, min design metal temp  -20 F at 45 PSI, Shell thickness .187, Head thickness .187,  Head dish radius 20”,


Max working press 35 at temp 300, min design metal temp -20 F at  35 PSI

$1,800.00 each if you purchase just one

$ 1,500.00 each if you buy both tanks.

These tanks run around $30,000 if you purchase new and around $4000- 5000 if you can find them used.


Water Tight Porthole Doors

I am also selling 2 water tight  porthole doors.   I have 3 and am using one in my wine room expansion.  These are brand new ship hatch doors.

 One lever moves all eight of the latches to unlock the door.   I have two still in the shipping crates.

 New these run $ 7,000 – $9,000 each.   Used ones are cut out from ships and are not really attractive.

These are new in crates and  I am selling them for $ 1,500.00 each.

So if you need to expand your wine cave and want something really unique you may want consider these.

 Pictures below.