Got Pests?

Be proactive this year and don’t let your vineyard get out of control. SHW member Paul Baldwin, who has been farming for a long time, brought to our attention one of the most complete resources on pest management.

What pests, you ask? Just about anything that can damage your vines and berries including insects, nematodes, weeds, birds and deer. Oh, yeah, there’s a section for diseases like powdery mildew and botrytis bunch rot.

The University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) focuses on managing pest problems with minimal impact on the environment. Growing a healthy crop can better manage pests in the long run. The resource covers pests for home gardens and landscapes, agriculture, and natural environments.

The link to IPM is in purple above and can also be found on SHW’s website at the “More Resources” tab. Choose Home Viticulture on the drop-down box.


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  1. Good recommendation. I have been a master gardener (Yolo County) for about 3 years. One of our most valuable tools for helping people with problems has been the IPM website. It has helped me personally when I had a major leaf hopper infestation. One important point to make for folks growing grapes is that the level of information provided under home garden pests vs agricultural pests differs. Anyone growing enough vines to produce wine would need to look under agricultural pests. The info for leaf hoppers is quite thorough there, but under home garden leaf hoppers are apparently not a big issue.

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