Grapes for Sale: Cabernet Sauvignon – Calaveras County

Lori in Vallecito writes:

Grapes for Sale: delicious Cabernet Sauvignon clone 337 grapes that are just hanging on at 25 brix (Oct 12). Vineyard is located in Calaveras County and was planted in 1999. Vines are on a 6 x 10 spacing with quadrilateral cordons, spur pruned. Last year I did not prune the vines, I needed a break. I pruned this year, but the crew cut it back hard and therefore there is only about 1 ton to the acre.

$0.75 lb. Five gallon bucket ($15) minimum. You pick – bring your friends. If I can, I’ll help.  I have tractor and trailer for macro bins.  No crusher available.

Contact Lori at (209) 753-8928.

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