Grapes for Sale: Chardonnay, Wilton

Contact directly:  Basil Knox at 916 687-8485.

Basil writes that they have 1/2 to 3/4 ton Chardonnay grapes available.

65 cents a lb. if buyer picks; 15 cents per lb. more if grower picks.

The Quarter Acre Vineyard is located in Wilton near Walmort Road and Davis Road.  Easy access to the freeway.  The vines are 8 years old.

The brix is now at 22  (as of last night) and our experience has been to let the brix rise to 25 or 26 to get a good sugar content and flavor.  With the weather the way it is I anticipate hitting that number in 7-10 days.   

We do not have a destemmer crusher, sorry, we do have a  45 size barrel press. We can lend it out if necessary. 

We can provide a glass of our 2013 vintage if members need a sample if they like.