Grapes for Sale: Merlot, Cab Sauv, Sangio – Pleasanton

The grower writes:

Luxury tier vineyard planted by Wente Vineyards. Conventionally farmed in Pleasanton, CA.

Our harvest has been between end of September and Mid-October.

We have the following varietals available:

Merlot (Appx 125 Tons) planted in 1993 and 1999
Cabernet Sauvignon (Appx 45 Tons) planted in 1999
Sangiovese (Appx 32 Tons) planted in 2000

Our current prices are:
Merlot: $1,000/ton
Cabernet Sauvignon: $2,000/ton
Sangiovese: $1,900/ton

Discounts for self-picking and smaller quantities as low as 100 pounds are okay!

You can respond with your information such as:
1) Name
2) Email
3) Phone number
4) Amount in pounds
5) Varietals interested in

Contact: Sameer Misson at and 925 550-4624 or inquire via this link.