Grapes for Sale: Old Vine Primitivo – Plymouth / Shenandoah Valley AVA

Grapes for Sale: Old Vine Primitivo – Plymouth, La Mesa Vineyards (Shenandoah Valley AVA) is doing a last pick of old vine Primitivo on Oct 20. We have about 4-5 tons for sale,

Brix on Oct 8 was 25 pH 3.4-3.5.

You can buy as small as a few hundred lbs or by the half or full ton. These will be picked for you into your macro bin or you can pull from our bin into your smaller bins with a scale to weigh out. You have to be onsite at our vineyard early morning on October 20th. Price $1/lb for <1 ton, $1600/ton >1 ton. This price includes picking.

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