Grapes For Sale -Shenandoah Valley

Contact: Ray & Nicole Ryan, Ryan Oaks Vineyards, 209-245-4335 or
5 tons of Zinfandel @ $1,800/ton in lots of 1/2 ton or more ($1.25/lb for smaller lots)
Grown in the heart of Amador County’s Shenandoah Valley at 1500 feet, our Zinfandel wine grapes are meticulously cared for so that production does not exceed 3 to 4 tons per acre. The Gold Medal winning Zinfandel vineyard was established in 1985 and produces small clusters with berries having a high skin-to-juice ratio with incredible fruitiness. We specialize in working with home winemakers and boutique wineries. We have up to 5 tons of Zinfandel available for the 2017 harvest. The fruit will be harvested and sold at $1,800 per ton for lots of 1/2 ton or more. For lots of less than 1 ton we sell the fruit at $1.25 per lb. No destemmer-crusher available.