Grapes for Sale – Tips for Buyers

Do you hear the rumble??

Harvest! and the SHW website is seeing increased incoming messages of “Grapes for Sale”.  We’ll try to post these “ads” as soon as we can.  You can find these posts on the SHW web site a couple of ways:

– on the right side of the SHW web page, click on “2015 Grapes for Sale” and you’ll find a chronological list of “Grapes for Sale” postings with the most recent post on top.  Please note that some grapes may go quickly.   * Check back often.

– click on the “Blog” sub-category of “Classified Ads”.  Here, you’ll also find informal grape availability – people looking to trade grapes for wine or to make grapes available through other arrangements.

Communication is key!  Whether you in it for large or smaller quantities or hoping to land an unusual find, please:

– contact DIRECTLY  the person and contact info at the top of each post.  If you respond instead to the “Comments” section of the post, we may not see it until harvest is over;

– ensure that you know what you are getting before you commit:  location, vineyard & grape history, mimmum quantities, who picks, destemmer-crusher or press available, first or second pick, directions, containers, payment.  Go ahead of harvest and check things out if necessary;

– once you commit, honor your promise.  Many growers are small family businesses who rely on both commercial and home winemakers for their livelihood.  Be respectful, build relationships –  keep opportunities open for home winemakers.


*  Grapes for Sale ads are posted throughout the day and available for viewing.  Notification of a new post(s)  lands in SHW members’ email boxes early the following morning.