Grapes for Sale: Zinfandel, Lodi

Contact directly:  Tamara Maren, 209 327-2839 or

Tamara writes:

I have 3 and a half acres of 30 year old zinfandels.  I live on West Turner Rd just a few miles past Lodi’s west city limits.  My vineyard is between I-5 and the town of Lodi.
I charge $300 a ton, and there is no minimum.  If a customer wants 250 pounds, we just do the math.

Right now the brix are at 21 – 22.  I will keep monitoring and let customers know as the number changes.

Customers must pick for themselves with their own clippers.  I use 5 gallon white buckets that average 25 – 30 pounds, and I count the number of buckets.  I don’t have any destemmer or crusher available, unfortunately.

Pickers are welcome to use the bathroom in my house, my patio for their lunches.