Group Buy: Cabernet Franc

Clos du Lac in Loomis grows and sells several wine grape varieties including cabernet franc, petite sirah, mourvèdre, and petit verdot.  Commercial and home winemakers alike consistently earn high honors for their wines made from this vineyard’s grapes.  

Clos du Lac traditionally prunes leaving two buds per spur.  This year they are pruning select areas to a single bud per spur including the vineyard areas where some SHW members got fruit from in the last harvest.  Less spurs = less fruit per plant = higher fruit quality.

SHW member Ron Loder has again offered (thanks, Ron!) to coordinate a SHW group buy for Clos du Lac cabernet franc.  Price:  $1,500/ton which includes the ‘single bud per spur’ block.  This pricing is available until March 15, 2019; the grower cannot guarantee price and availability after that date.  Group buys are an opportune way for those desiring smaller quantities to access fruit available only in larger quantities.

Interested?  Before March 15, contact Ron Loder directly for the details:  916 417-3085 or