Group Buy: Cabernet Sauvignon – Lodi

The Winemaking 101 mentors have been in discussions with the grower from an extremely affordable vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon and want to share the good fortune with the rest of the club membership. 

The grapes are from the Harris Family Estate Vineyards, located in District 11, the North Lodi Valley, on an established 27-year-old vineyard that in the past has supplied UC Davis and other schools with grapes for their winemaking education programs.  Award winning wines have been made from vineyards in the surrounding area so the terroir and soils are very similar. 

Here’s the kicker – the grapes will be available at 25-35 cents per pound and will be ready for harvest in the next 10-14 days!  If you’re a new winemaker or have just a couple of harvests on your resume, you may want to consider what it will cost to get a batch of these grapes as affordable they are.

Before the deal can be finalized, the vineyard requires another walk to be done by Thad Rodgers, Joe Morgan and Joe McGillivray on September 3.

If you are interested in getting in on quality grapes for a fraction of the cost, we need to know by September 6 how much you want. This will assist us in our negotiations with the grower.

Please email your interest to Joe McGillivray at no later than Sunday, September 6.  SHW members only.


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