Group Buy for SC-300 Analyzers

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Vinmetrica SC-300 Sulfite & pH/TA Wine Analyzer Kit

SHW member Ganesh Kalyanaraman is seeking ten (10) winemakers who are looking to go in on a group buy for the Vinmetrica SC-300 analyzer.

The analyzer allows the user to collect data on SO2, pH, TA, temperature, dissolved oxygen, residual sugar, and potassium. The kit includes the: SC-300 meter, both electrodes, all reagents, pipettes, syringe, beaker, Bluetooth adapter and smartphone app.

The group buy is being offered as part of Vinmetrica’s Kickstarter roll-out of their smartphone (Anroird or IPhone) app and Bluetooth adapter. The total for the package is $400 per kit (value of $600) and the group purchase needs to be made by July 30th, to get the discount. Information on the specifics of the package can be found at: