Group Buy – Nebbiolo

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Nebbiolo / Barolo

 SHW member J.D. Phelps is looking for:

 Seeking adventurous winemakers looking to form a group buy or focus group making Nebbiolo.  If you are unfamiliar with Nebbiolo, you are in for a treat.  Nebbiolo is a classic Italian varietal which is used in the Piedmont region of Italy in making the world renowned Barolo wines.  It is similar in color to a Pinot Noir, yet with big luscious tannins and flavors of dark cherry, currant and clove.  H to your nearest wine store, find the Italian wines section and pick up a classic Barolo to truly experience what this grape can be in a wine.

 I have a line on some Nebbiolo for the 2017 harvest and am looking for other passionate wine makers looking to make one of the truly classic old world wines.  If you are interested in a group buy or possibly a focus group for Nebbiolo, please e-mail me at  Let me know how many lbs. you think you would be interested.  There is no commitment at this point, simply trying to get a sense of how many are ready to tackle this wine.  I should have an idea of pricing around the end of May, early June.