Harvest Dinner – November 1

For more information, contact Fred Millar at 916 576-9596 or Shannon Shackelford at 916 317-0558.

As your winery quiets down toward the end of harvest, relax and join fellow winemakers at SHW’s Harvest Dinner.  The casual event is an evening of sharing stories and wines while enjoying a buffet dinner with eastern European influences.

$30 for SHW members and $35 for non-SHW members.  Gratuity and sales tax are included in the set price.  Complimentary wine corkage.

This is one of SHW’s most popular social events.  Space is limited, so please make your reservations by October 24.  Details and reservation form can be found at this link:  2015 SHW Harvest Dinner Announcement and Reservation