January 21, 2015 Meeting Recap

Jan 21 15 Greek WinesThe Club’s January guest speaker, Darrell Corti, shared an evening with us filled with Greek wine, history and geography.  Over 100 members and guests listened intently as Darrell talked about adapting to change:  viticulture and vinification of vines and wines, old vs. new techniques, location is key to thriving vines and selling wine, and looking ahead at California’s trending climate change and planning for it.

Darrell shared about the Santorini tomato.  Grown with very little water, the tomato is intensely flavored.  Check out Corti Brothers Market’s Holiday 2014 newsletter for more interesting reads about the tomato and other Greek food specialities, including the Monemvalsia wine that Darrell also mentioned.  If you weren’t hungry before reading Corti Brothers newsletters, you will be before you finish.

Four Greek wines were poured at the meeting:  the first 3 were whites and the last a red.  The second and fourth wines were from the same winery.  The wines can be found at Corti Brothers and are priced $16 – 24/bottle.   In pouring order:

Hatzidakis   2012   Santorini

Domaine Spiropoulos   2012   Mantinia

Hatzidakis   2009   Nyxtepi

Foundi   2006   Xinomayro

Here’s a label shot 0f the first wine:

Wine Label