July 15 SHW Meeting – Adjusting pH in Wines

Webinar: Scott Harvey – “Bench Trial Your Way to the Perfect pH in Finished Wine”

On Wednesday, July 15th from 7 pm to 9 pm, Scott Harvey and Mollie Haycock of Scott Harvey Wines will be demonstrating via Zoom Webinar the techniques Scott uses for selecting the final pH of wine prior to bottling. Whether by raising the pH by adding citric or tartaric acid, or lowering the pH by adding Potassium Carbonate, you will learn how to set up bench trials of your own wine to select the perfect pH level for microbial stability and to your taste.

Scott Harvey will be demonstrating these techniques using the samples of members Marco Sguazzin and Scott Elliott, who will be in attendance at Scott’s winery laboratory in Plymouth during the Webinar. They will be able to taste, and even smell, Mr. Harvey assures, the difference that raising or lowering the wines’ pH can make.

As an added bonus, Mr. Harvey has gifted SHW with a series of lab videos he has made of him performing various wine evaluation and adjustment techniques that you can use at home. Look for a future blast for the link to these videos. We suggest that you view them prior to the Webinar.

Extra, extra added bonus: current SHW members can submit up to 3 samples of their own pre-bottled wines (375 ml sample) to Scott Harvey who will set up a bench trial of those wines and determine the optimal pH level. Every member who submits a sample will receive feedback and results via email within a week or so.

President Robert Wharton has volunteered to deliver the samples to Scott’s laboratory. The deadline for Robert to receive the labeled samples from you is Wednesday July 8th. All samples should be in a 375 ml sealed container, and labeled with your name, e-mail address, vintage and varietal of the wine. Contact Robert at president@sachomewine.com for sample drop-off information.

  • Contact Gin Yang at membership@sachomewine.com for the July 15 meeting Zoom access.  Pre-registration is required for the Webinar.
  • Contact Robert Wharton at president@sachomewine.com to arrange for sample drop-off. 
  • If you’re not current on your dues, remit to Robert when you give him your samples or send to SHW Treasurer Wreatha Duverney. Here’s the membership form with mailing address: 2020 SHW Membership Form
  • Watch for the blog update with Scott Harvey’s lab videos.