Last Call for AWA’s BBQ and Sierra Foothills Wine Competition

Contact Jerry Roark at 916 384-7299 or

This Sunday, May 3, is the final date to trot your wine to enter the Sierra Foothills Wine Competition. The Amador Winemakers Association contest was opened to SHW last year and this year the Grass Valley and El Dorado home wine clubs have also been invited to compete with Amador and SHW home winemakers.

The associated May 30 AWA BBQ will be at Andis Winery. Last day to sign up for the BBQ where the wine competition winners will be announced is May 8. If you previously signed up and still need to pay, call Jerry to make arrangements.

The events details can be found here.

2015 Foothill Wine Club Competition Rules 2015

2015 Sierra Foothills Hone Wine Competition Entry Form