Malbec Focus Group

Malbec Focus Group – Facilitated by Donna Bettencourt and Sonia Baron

What is a focus group, you ask? A Focus Group is an intentional learning community around a particular wine varietal or technique. For instance, this is NOT a group buy which is an opportunity to buy large amounts of grapes with your fellow members in order to source quality grapes.

In this focus group, we will be studying Malbec. Each person who signs up must commit to attending the two focus group learning experiences, and commit to purchasing anywhere from 125 lbs to 300 lbs of Malbec grapes. Our grapes will be sourced from Sonia and Carol’s vineyard located within the Fair Play AVA in Somerset, El Dorado County. The price is $1650 per ton and the probable harvest date is September 9-10.

Preharvest, the focus group will have required readings provided by Donna, a pre-harvest Malbec tasting opportunity and a field trip to the vineyard where we will have lunch and barrel taste Sonia’s 2017 Malbec from her vineyard.  We will all meet at the vineyard for harvest; crusher will be available. After harvest, Donna will facilitate sharing of winemaking challenges and choices. Finally, we will all come together to taste each other’s wine next year.

If you are interested, please contact Donna Bettencourt at  Space is limited as we are limited to only one ton of grapes.