March 20 SHW Meeting – White and Rosé Wine Evaluations

Hey!  Before you bottle that 2018 white or rosé wine, bring it to this Wednesday’s meeting for evaluation.  Guest evaluator Craig Haarmeyer can offer tips on making your good wine one of the best you’ve made.  Please bring two 750 ml bottles and the winemaking evaluation form.  Clearly mark bottles with variety and your name.  No capsules please, and if you haven’t yet bottled, don’t add sulfites.

The 2019 LAKE COUNTY WINE and FOOD TOUR led by SHW member David Hicks is 2/3 full. There are 12 more spaces available for a full house for this exciting food and wine weekend. This is the 5th time David has hosted this event and he will be at Wednesdays meeting to discuss the event and sign you up. Please read the AN INVITATION TO WINEMAKERS AND GUESTS OF for a full explanation of this years event and feel free to contact David right away.

If you haven’t yet paid for your Unified Wine and Grape Symposium $10 vouchers, please do so at the meeting.  We’d like to close out this line item on the books.

Wednesday’s meeting starts at 7pm upstairs at the Turn Verein located at 3349 J Street in Sacramento.  See you there!