May 15 SHW Meeting

Wondering how your 2018 red non-Bordeaux variety wines are doing? John Troiano, winemaker for Wreckless Blenders and former SHW member is the evening’s guest evaluator. Bring two 750 ml bottles of wine that you’d like evaluated. Clearly mark bottles with variety and your name.  Jot down your wine making notes using this electronically fillable form.  If you haven’t yet bottled, please don’t add sulfites.

David Hicks is this meeting’s trouble-shooter for any other wines you would like feedback on.  Find David in the back of the room.

Bob Peake will accepting 2019 SHW Crush T-Shirt orders.  Orders by May 22 for June 19 meeting delivery.

Please bring two wine glasses for your use.  Thank you for helping with meeting set up and clean up.  Meeting starts at 7pm upstairs at the Turn Verein meeting hall located at 3349 J Street in midtown Sacramento.  Please contact Vice Prez Terry Piazza-Perham with meeting inquiries: