Mourvedre… Are YOU In?? A New Group Buy

Call Bruce Curry at: (916) 448-4244

OK …It missed the “list on the wall” as a potential “Group Buy” several meetings ago, but it is still on if we can get enough Club members interested: Bruce Curry (Club Wine Chemistry Tester) has identified a source of Mourvedre grapes from a vineyard in El Dorado County through a friend and commercial wine maker there.  He has committed to at least 1000# of grapes and we may be able to get 1500# to 2000# if there is enough demand.   This vineyard regularly sells their Mourvedre to commercial wineries, but we are able get some at a reasonable price and availability for SHW.  Bruce will need someone with a truck and or trailer to haul the grapes.  Availability date is still unknown.  Price should be $1400. to $1600. per ton, but that is not firm this early in the season.  Mourvedre was not one of the grapes that were originally posted on the wall at the meeting, but they are essential for making a GSM blend.