New Glass for Sale

New Glass for Sale:

Approximately 500 cases, new, clear, straight, cork closure. Clear/ Flint, 750 ml, Claret, small push up style.  Brand new, High Quality, still on the original pallets and wrapped.  Made in USA, Saxco Glass, Bay Area

$3 / case of 12 FOB Park Ave. Chico CA

Quoted $750 for freight to Napa for 500 cases (unknown for less and to Sacramento, possibly less than $200 per pallet via GSO).

Minimum buy: prefer 48 cases or 64 case minimum, which is a pallet of 3 layers or pallet of 4 layers.

Available to pick up as early as Tuesday Oct 23, just needs to be coordinated.

Contact Amy Hasle
Cell 530-518-9448