Next Meeting June 20, 2012

Program: Varietal Focus Group Presentation
Join us for our regular monthly meeting at the Turn Verein on
Wednesday, June 20th at 7 pm. Our program will consist of table top
presentations of the wines of the five Varietal Focus Groups that were
formed last fall: Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Petit Sirah, Tempranillo,
and Port.

Mentors Joy Smathers, Steve Barrett, Donna Bettencourt,
and Henry Wilkinson, respectively, will relate the challenges and
successes of the group, and members of the group will share their
comments as well.

The passionate growers of the grapes will also
present and include: Gerald Cresci (Chardonnay), Warren Bogle (Petite
Sirah), Layne Montgomery (Tempranillo), and Andy Standeven (Port
varietals). Members will then be invited to taste these wines, as they
travel from table to table.

Also, there will be a short demonstration of our new website by Judy
Pinegar, our newly appointed web master.

Please bring a wine glass for your use. Thanks to all for helping set up
before the meeting. We are to vacate the meeting room by 9:30 PM
and your help in facilitating the clean‐up is appreciated.

‐‐ Donna Bettencourt, President