Oak Product for Smoke Taint

Being a member of SHW has many benefits including ordering StaVin oak additives at cost in smaller quantities. 

If you think your pride and joy has been exposed to smoke taint, StaVin has developed a new product.  Please note that SHW is not endorsing this product but advising the Club of it.  The Club’s resident Oak Coordinator, Bill Staehlin can order this in addition to any other oak products you may need.

StaVin has been working hard to research and develop products that incorporate the beneficial components of oak to mask smoke taint.  The fundamental premise is the recognition that certain smoke compounds, including guaiacols, are highly desirable qualities found in all the finest oak used in high quality winemaking.  Smoke compounds found in fire toasted staves are complexed with additional less toasted oak components to create the desired nostalgic aromas of baking spices, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, and coffee while minimizing the ashy astringent aftertaste.  Adding untoasted oak compounds to smoked grapes or wine can complex volatile phenols to mask the aroma and flavor associated with smoke taint.   StaVin has developed Express Tannin Pure to specifically add these smoke masking components to wine. 
Express Tannin Pure – A liquid tannin prepared from three year seasoned oak untoasted and lightly heat treated oak.  At 1-2 L per ton of grapes (8-17oz/59gallons)(.015-3oz/5gal carboy) this instantly delivers the oak components responsible for minimizing overt smokiness and delivering enhanced mouthfeel.  Benchtop trials are recommended post fermentation at a rate around 1-4 gallons per 1000 gallons of wine (0.3-1.3oz/5gal carboy). 
Traditional products by StaVin are also available for use.  Untoasted and barrel head chips can deliver smoke masking qualities when used at a rate of 0.3-1 pounds per ton of grapes.  Benchtop trials are recommended post fermentation at a rate around 2-10 pounds per 1000 gallons of wine (0.6- 3.2oz/5gal carboy).

Please direct your oak additive questions to Bill Staehlin at (916) 216-1753 or bill.staehlin@sbcglobal.net.

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