Question for Winemakers: Restarting Stuck Fermentation with Wine Kit Juice

Winemaker Mike Skeels writes:

Stuck Pinot fermentation at 1 Brix. 120 gals! I have only 1/2 quart of refrigerated pinot juice to help with the restart. It would be better to have a gal or two for the amount of wine I need to restart. My question is can I use a wine kit to supplement my pinot juice? 

Seasoned winemaker Don Koehler responded to Mike’s question: ”

“… Just off the top of my head, I don’t see why a kit would not work. Or even go find a few grapes that are still around, and get some juice from them to help out.

One brix is not stuck very much. This might not be an easy one to get started again – of course they never are. If you rack the wine to aerate it and warm it up a bit, like 70 – 75 degrees, it might slowly lose some sugar over the winter, or next spring when things wake up again…”

Don suggested blogging this issue out to you.  What do you suggest?