Second Chance Garage Sale – October 8

Contact Bob Leidigh at for additional information and directions.

Second Chance Garage Sale – Remnants and Additional Items

Saturday, October 8th, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Thanks to those SHW Members who participated in Sunday’s Garage Sale, despite the rainy conditions.  Several items remain available, plus some additional items will become available by Saturday (as we continue to work our current vintage through the process).

Poly fermenters (Rubbermaid Brute type) most with lock-in wheels, in the following sizes:  44-gal.; 32-gal.; 20-gal. (only one with wheels); plus one 10-gal.

Basket press, ratchet style # 35 cm., with extra set of press blocks.

Carboys:  6.5-gal.; 5-gal.; 3-gal. 2.8-gal.  (limited quantities)

Rapid-Kool cold-paddles for use in controlling temperature of musts during cold-soak or fermentation — only the 1-gal. size remain; all the 1/2-gal size are gone.

 Some picking shears remain.

 Only the three broad-range hydrometers remain, one with built-in thermometer.

Slope-sided funnel for transferring wine into carboys.

 Digital referactometer.

 Prismatic refractometer.

 A few fake owls remain.

Stainless steel strainer for keeping skins/seeds out of carboys/tanks when pouring press wine.