Seeking Nominations for 2016 Leadership

Contact Fred Millar at 916 576-9596 or J.D. Phelps at 916 295-9121.

Winemakers are known to be a little rogue and home winemakers are no exception (that’s what makes us good winemakers!).  So, instead of being a lost in the massive 90% that don’t get involved, be a part of the 10% that does.  Become active in your Club!

SHW’s Board of Directors is seeking nominations for 2016 leadership for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Chair.  Roles and responsibilities are briefly described below; more details can be found at this link.

President – leadership role at monthly meetings and monthly board meetings, sets the Club’s agenda, appoints positions, and is the public relations for SHW.

Vice President – responsible for monthly meeting programs, acting President when President is absent.  This position is especially appealing when shared.

Treasurer – responsible for collecting Club proceeds, writing checks for reimbursement and to vendors, managing the budget, providing regular updates on income and expenditures.

Secretary – vital role in accurately recording minutes at SHW’s month board meeting, sending correspondence as needed.

Membership Chair – maintains membership lists, coordinates membership with Treasurer, welcomes new members, recruits new members.

If you, or a group of you, are interested in shaping the future of SHW via the leadership positions above, please contact Board of Directors Chair Fred Millar or President J.D. Phelps.