Shaker Ridge Vineyard – Home Wine Competition Update

Andy Standeven, owner of Shaker Ridge Vineyard encourages the competition!  He writes:

We are still accepting entries for our 3rd annual Shaker Ridge Home Winemaker competition.  Entry in our competition is free and open to anyone who has a wine made at least 85% with our grapes in vintages 2011 onward who enters a wine in certain acceptable blinded, public competitions thru Aug. 1 and who contacts us in advance of judging of that competition to confirm that they want their wine included.  We would need to know the competition you are entering, the vintage of the wine, and the varietal(s) purchased from us.

First prize–for best outcome in acceptable competitions–is 250 lbs of grapes of our grapes.

Please see our March “Vineyard Diary” blog for full competition details (  At present, we have only one entry for the competition, so you have an excellent chance of winning the grand prize!

Sacramento Home Winemakers:  the 2015 SHW Jubilee competiton qualifies, so please e-mail us by June 12, 2015 if you have entered a wine made with our grapes in that competition and would like to be considered for our prize.