Shaker Ridge Vineyard Primitivo – Option Available

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Wines made from Shaker Ridge Vineyard grapes have won many top commerical and home wine awards.  The vineyard is currently sold out of all grape varieties including primitivo.

Growers estimate the vineyard’s yield after fruit set and contracts accordingly.  Mother Nature tests the grower’s ability to estimate yield and she often wins.

SHW member Thad Rodgers is planning to purchase any extra yield of primitivo from Shaker Ridge Vineyard and offers the opportunity for members to purchase the same grapes.  The extra yield available for purchase won’t be known until harvest.  If you’d like to get on the list for an opprotunity to purchase Shaker Ridge’s primitivo, send Thad an email with the amount you’d like to purchase.  Include your cell phone number in your email.

Please note that your name on the list does not guarantee grapes to you for purchase.