The Grapevine – October 2012

Hope your harvest is going well!

The October 17 SHW general meeting is the Sparkling, Desserts, Fruit and Port Evaluation, and Wine and Food Pairing of wines with chocolates, cheeses, and nuts.  Veteran SHW member and wine judge Gerald Cresci is the evening’s evaluator and speaker.  Please bring FOUR wine glasses to this meeting.

Share how you’ve been kicking things up with bubbles, fruits other than grapes, along with grape wines. The 2011 Port Varietal Focus Group are encouraged to bring their ports for evaluation.

The November 3 SHW Harvest Dinner is a time to socialize with fellow winemakers and this year’s dinner is at Frasinetti’s Winery and Restaurant. Reservation forms are in this issue of The Grapevine. Space is limited; please make your reservations early.

October 2012 The Grapevine