The Vine of Life

La Vide de la Vida

You never know what life brings.  With the wine making experience of only one prior vintage in 2007, member Pilar Millar, now 84 years old, made a 2010 merlot.  She liked the taste of it and entered the merlot into the 2011 SHW June Jubilee and the wine won a silver award. What a sweet surprise for a octogenarian newbie winemaker!  One of the comments on the judging sheets said:  young, next year this wine will be a gold!

Fast forward a year later.  Pilar re-entered the 2010 merlot into the 2012 SHW June Jubilee and the wine did indeed win a gold award!  And, a week later, the merlot took the Best of Show honors at the San Mateo County Fair’s home wine competition. Later in the month, the same wine won a First Place (gold award) at the Marin County Fair’s amateur wine contest. What a month June has been for Pilar!

More excitement as the press came calling.  In late July, Univision 19 showcased a story on Pilar and her wine making.  The video, created by an Emmy award-winning team, captures Pilar’s exuberance and philosophy on life which has many parallels to wine making. 

Station affiliates nationwide have also featured the video, and you can view it here by clicking on this link:  Abuela fabrica vinos en su cochera en CA

Many congrats to Pilar for earning top honors and sharing that you’re never too young for this much fun!