And The WINNERS ARE. . . .

The SHW June Jubilee was a Fantastic Success (again)!!

The BEST of SHOW and Best of Red went to Steve Barrett for his 2012 100% Merlot! Yeah Steve! Best of Fruit and Best of White went to Rex Johnston and Barbara Bentley for the 2013 Elephant Heart Plum with 8% RS and the dry 2013 Verdelho respectively. Steven and Maria Tankersley won Best of Dessert wine for his 2012 Syrah Port.

There were no entries in the Rose and Sparkling wine categories (hint, hint for next year).

Overall it was a great year with 174 wines judged, our club members won 8 (4.6%) Double Golds (when all 3 judges initially think it is a Gold), and 29, or 16.7% golds! Silver category went to 72 wines, a a full 41.4 % of our wines. There were 49 Bronzes, or 28.1 % of our wines. Although there were 16 “No Awards” this year, that figure was greatly inflated because the Honorable Mention Category was inadvertently deleted form the judging sheets. So if you got one of those no awards, and there was no major fault listed, you should really consider it an Honorable Mention. All No Awards typically must have a  fault identified.  So don’t be discouraged, but try again next year when the judging sheet is corrected! There are really too many people to thank for this smooth flowing event, cellar Rats, Clerks, Judges and Helpers all worked as a team to make it work.

The June Jubilee was another success, the 174 wines were mostly consumed, and the picnic went without a hitch. Thanks all who brought food, and John Lewis for the wonderful meat and beans.

The rest of the awards are listed  by winemaker in alpha order, and we hope to have all ribbons, medallions and the rosettes for the “Best Of’s” at the July 16, 2014 SHW Meeting, so please come.